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             While reading Macbeth many questions concerning the interpretation of scenes may arise in one's mind. Shakespeare's depiction of various important actions in the play allows the reader to personally decide how each scene is being portrayed. This variability in the interpretation of some key scenes makes it possible to give an in depth analysis of the events effecting many outcomes. One of these perplexing questions that arose throughout the reading was whether it was the witches" and their prophecies or Lady Macbeth that had a greater influence on Macbeth's murderous actions. A second inquiry that came up was one having to do with fate and Macbeth's actions in attempts to change it. Did Macbeth have to take any action in order to meet his fate or was it inevitable that certain things would occur? A third and final question that persisted throughout the play was the uncertainty of Lady Macbeth's feelings towards the murders. Did Lady Macbeth's guilt lead to compassion for the victims, thus showing that she did indeed have a conscience or was she purely evil, feeling no remorse at all throughout the entire play? Although there is really no right answer to these questions, one can try to analyze the way in which Shakespeare hoped each scene would be interpreted. Perhaps Shakespeare himself purposely left these vital scenes open-ended in order to allow the reader to get what they wanted out of the play.
             Was it the witches" prophecies in the first scene of the play that had the greatest impact on Macbeth's murderous rampage or did Lady Macbeth convince him to do these evil things through her demeaning comments and persuasive mockery? The witches did shock Macbeth with their prophecies, that to him seemed impossible, but it was Lady Macbeth who ultimately talked Macbeth into slaughtering his first victim. The prophecies merely planted a seed in Macbeth's mind that continued to grow and flourish into a lust for power, however the thought of committing murder is far different than the actual deed.

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