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Art In The Park

            People have been making art for a very long time. Centuries before any of us were even alive people were creating artworks that expressed themselves or their ideas. The following pieces of art that I will be talking about are those that were found in the Arts in the Park art show that recently came to Memphis, Tennessee. .
             The art show itself was very unique. It was unlike anything I had ever been to in my entire life and I was very fortunate to be able to attend such a marvelous show. There were people there everywhere of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. There were Whites, Blacks, Asians, and many others. There were people there that were old and people that were young. It seems that the show appealed to everyone and not just one specific group. The show itself was nothing at all like a museum. Museums are in a controlled uptight atmosphere and a person is not usually allowed to take pictures or talk very loudly in a museum. On the other hand, Arts in the Park was very relaxed. The artwork was spread all over the park in different tents and areas. People were socializing and having a great time except for the occasional downpour of rain. .
             The oil painting "Implosion" by Connie Balton is similar to the oil painting "Street at Aurers After Van Gogh" by Phyllis Dougherty. They are both very much alive in colors and the works seem to draw the viewer to them. The "Implosion" painting looks to be of a ship sailing off into the sunset. It consists of mostly blacks and reds. The painting by Dougherty is full of different colors from the primary to the tertiary. When viewing the painting you get a sense that the scene is very much alive and full of happiness. Even though both paintings are oil based they are done very differently. While Dougherty's looks smooth and clean Balton's appears to be messy and the oil smeared around in short controlled gestures. Both paintings appear to have taken a lot of time to perfect and make the colors go together.

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