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             Art is an excellent way to show meaningful messages to people of all social classes and races. An nice piece of art can make a person think, laugh, cry, become angry, or just open there minds to something they would not usually take the time to look at. Art is seen quite often through out our everyday life. Buildings, sculptures and graffiti all showcase art on the streets of nearly all cities in America. A nice piece of art can make an area urban area be considered "cultural".
             The Pasadena mural project represents people in their own communities working to rejuvenate public parks. This is an example of how art can directly build communities by establishing pride. On the other hand the University of Southern California's Fisher Gallery's, current exhibit "Mixed Feelings: Art and Culture in the Post border Metropolis" expresses views that normally wouldn't be given a chance by the white culture, which is one step towards building communities.
             The Pasadena mural project consists of one mural placed at every public park within the Pasadena area. Children who attended public schools in Pasadena were given the opportunity to draw a picture that represented their community each picture was 8x10. The pictures were then voted on, and the best made there way on to the mural closest park in relation to the school. About 18,000 children took part in this project, along with roughly 22 schools. These murals are used to beautify the parks. The murals are done by the youth of the Pasadena area; this is a way in which everyone within the community is affected by knowing someone who helped this project. With everyone in the community knowing someone who aided in the project, the community has a greater appreciation for the art, and the park.
             Kimi Eisele writes about how there is such a large gap between the US and Mexico in the quality of life. Kimi Eisele would argue that the effects of Globalization are negative for Mexico and positive for the United States.

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