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Seth of the Lion People and Early Man

            Seth of the Lion People is a novel about Early Man. I believe Seth is a member of the Cro-Magnon group because of their uses and creations of tools, fire, burial rites, and artwork. Cro-Magnon man had very similar uses of these items, which the following research information will show, supporting my idea. Cro-Magnon man, with a prominent chin, a sharply rising forehead, and a graceful skeleton existed some 40,000-10,000 years ago. Remains were found in France in 1868 and then throughout other parts of Europe. Their high Paleolithic culture produced better tools than created before, using a wider variety of raw materials such as bone and antler, and containing new inventions for making clothing, engraving, and sculpting. Most of the tools were used for butchering animals, preparing food, scraping animal hides, and carving wood. They also made tools, such as spears, which they used for catching fish and killing wild animals. Archeologists also found harpoons, needles, bone tools, axes, knives, and stone scrapers. Cro-Magnon man also used fire, almost as much as he used his tools. Different types of fires were used to represent different parts of the day or special actions. Evening fires were built to allow everyone to sit around and tell stories, eat, and be warm. There were also council fires that only allowed the hunters to attend and plan how, when, and what they were to hunt for food. The oldest evidence of fire was found in a cave 600,000 years ago near what is now China. After the middle Paleolithic period ended 35,000 years ago, and Cro-Magnon's replaced Neanderthal man, the fire was created with new materials such as reindeer antlers and Socoutrean (bay leaf).
             Although Neanderthals were the first to bury their dead, Cro-Magnons were the first to bury their dead with objects. Archeologists have uncovered the carefully buried skeletons of women, children, and men along with bracelets made of stone or gold, necklaces, paintings, or tools.

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