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Seth And Horus

             Rivalries in ancient Egypt were not an uncommon occurrence. Conflicts of interest took place in all aspects of the ancient Egyptian world. The rivalries ranged from taxation and revolt to battles of good and evil between Egyptian gods. The conflict between the followers of Seth and the followers of Horus had a great impact on Egypt as a whole. In order to fully understand this rivalry, the Egyptian's concept of religion must be addressed. Religion in Ancient Egypt is somewhat similar to religion today. Not everyone today believes in the same god and in ancient Egypt this was no different. .
             At first, religion in Egypt was expressed through pictures however; when writing was invented the religious figures could now spread ideas and beliefs to the masses. These religious icons started to take on human characteristics, they lived, died, hunted, went into battle, gave birth, ate drank, and had human emotions. The dominance of the gods depended on the beliefs of the reigning king and the area of dominance depended on where the king wanted his capital to be located at. As a whole, ancient Egyptians were extremely devout in their beliefs. They were dedicated to their gods and worshiped them daily in various ways. Egyptians considered that every natural occurrence or unexplainable phenomena had a spiritual meaning and had a unique god assigned to the act. .
             Acting out of religious beliefs, the main rivalry between the god Horus and the god Seth emerged. Horus was the earliest royal god who took the shape of a falcon and was a protector of the pharaohs. Seth was a god who resembled an unknown animal. He was a powerful god and was thought to be the god responsible for chaos, violence and destruction.
             Seth is the ancient Egyptian god of chaos, the embodiment of hostility and evil. He is also a god of war deserts, storms, and foreign lands. During the third millennium BCE, Seth replaced Horus as the main deity of the pharaohs.

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