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Rivalry Along the Nile

            Throughout the history of the world there is one common theme that stands out, the constant rivalries between nations and the tendency of human civilizations to seek power and to take that which another has. This theme can be found in early times such as the rivalry between Greece and Sparta to more modern rivalries like the Assyrians and Palestinians who have been quarrelling for thousands of years with no resolve. In the case of Europe power has shifted hands numerous times with every country seeking to rule enormous kingdoms. This theme is more evident in Ancient Egypt as much as anywhere else or any other time period in history. More specifically the areas that occupy Upper and Lower Egypt. The Nile River was the unifying force in Egyptian history and the conflicts that took place along its banks proved to be a compelling saga of unity and anarchy.
             From the beginning of its history, there has been a struggle to provide, or force, a united state along the Nile. This is not as simple as it appears however. Unity never lasted too long. The constant power struggles and controversy may have been the result of their differences. As close as they are in proximity they have been very different from the start. The fact that they spoke different dialects, and had various customs, needs and interests that were unique to their land and not to that of their neighbor may have spawned a search for an identity and a land of their own. For example, one small difference between the two was their burial customs as the people of Upper Egypt buried their dead in cemeteries out in the desert while those of Lower Egypt had cemeteries .
             located in the town or nome. They were almost two separate lands. Many of the differences and the tensions they created still exist in present day Egypt. Only during the three kingdoms, The Old kingdom in dynasties three through six, the Middle kingdom in dynasties eleven and twelve, and the New kingdom in dynasties eighteen through twenty was there a true unified state.

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