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Man Ray

             The art of photography, although new compared to more traditional art forms, has grown rapidly over the past few decades. Many photographers have come and gone, leaving their photos like footsteps on a serene beach. By leaving these marks they have formed what photography is today. One man in particular has left his mark like so many others and has contributed so much to the art. His name is Man Ray and his scandalous style is still acclaimed to this day. In this report one will be introduced to the life of one of the greats, Man Ray.
             Man Ray was an American photographer as well as an artist trained in the art of painting. He participated in the Surrealist and Dada movements that swept the world during his time. Man was born in Philadelphia and worked in an advertising office and worked part-time as a draughtsman for publishers of atlases, maps and books on engineering. He took part in life-drawing classes at the Ferrer Center in New York under the instruction of George Bellows in 1912. After observing the Armory Show in 1913, man started painting in a Cubist style. In 1915, he met Duchamp, who was known for taking everyday objects out of their usual context and displaying them in an unusual way, and joined forces with him to start a fro-Dada movement in New York. The Manhattan branch of the international subversive movement protested against the First World War by making outrageous, sometimes called "aggressively playful" art. In 1921, Man moved to Paris where Duchamp introduced him to Brenton and his close circle of friends. He then became active in both the Dada and Surrealist movements through photography, painting, and the assemblage of objects.
             Man Ray was undoubtably a well-rounded man, and artist. Through his photography, films, paintings and sculptures he exhibited diverse techniques by creating disturbing effects with his talent. His life and art spoke of artistic freedom, contentedness, and aspirations for absolute means of expression.

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