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Ray Kroc and Harland Sanders

            Essay on Ray Kroc and Harland Sanders.
             Ray Kroc and Harland Sanders were two profitable men in the food industry. They earned their way in making millions of dollars as well as successful corporations known as McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken. These two food businesses are still famous today and are making a tremendous amount of money. Ray Kroc and Harland Sanders were very similar in their childhood upbringings and personality, but they were different in their business success.
             Ray Kroc and Harland Sanders were very similar in their upbringings. These two men both had a family of five and lived in a small town. Their parents were very strict and both Sanders and Kroc experienced work at a young age, as they did chores around the house. Soon, both of these men started to progress into a variety of different jobs and handled a lot of responsibilities during their adolescent years. Some jobs that Kroc had were working at a lemonade stand and selling Dixie cups. Some jobs that Sanders had were selling tires and working at a gas station. Later in life when the two men were both more familiar in the work force and had more working skills and techniques, they both opened their own business in the same country. As you can see, their backgrounds were very alike which led them to having such fast-growing and rewarding businesses. .
             One difference between Ray Kroc and Harland Sanders were their business success. Both men were victorious in their money earnings, but Ray Kroc seemed to run his business in a more trendy way. He tried to introduce new items to the McDonald's menu like the Hula Burger and pastries to make his business bigger, better and more effective. Sanders was more old fashion, as he liked to keep everything the same and never tried to introduce something new. Kroc was a man who was more behind the scenes and didn't like to show his face. He was more committed to his job, which made it easier for him to concentrate more on the business perspective.

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