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Barry sanders

            Barry Sanders was a stylish running back. Quite possible the greatest in history. He played the game with dignity and poise in a time when flashiness was in. He also walked away from the game at an early age with his health intact, unlike many other athletes who participate well past their primes looking like shadows of their former selves.
             In a brilliant career Barry Sanders rushed for 15,269 yards in only 10 seasons. He averaged 5 yards a carry (second highest in history). In each of his NFL seasons he rushed for over 1,000 yards. In 25 of games he gained a 150 or more yards, this is a NFL record. At one point in his career he went three years without a fumble. In 1997 he gained 2,053 in a season which is second all time. He had a total of 15 touchdown runs of more than 50 yard ( a NFL record). He is also 3rd all time of the career-rushing list while having only played until the age of 31. But with all of these outstanding accomplishments Barry Sanders was much more than just numbers.
             Sanders started to show signs of his greatness in high school. He was initially considered to small to play the position of running back. But when he was finally given a chance during his senior year he rushed for 274 yards his first game. In five games he rushed for 1417 yards which set a city record. Sanders was only offered two scholarships from colleges. He decided that he would attend Oklahoma State University.
             While attended college Sanders added 30 pounds to his small frame and weighed a solid 200 pounds while only standing 5'8.Sanders said this about his transition from high school "When I first went to O.S.U. I weighed 170, 175 by Christmas break I was 200. Sanders college career was much like his high school career, it took him a little while to prove to the coaches that he could play, but once he did the records started to fall. All in all Sanders set 13 college records. Some of these included most touchdowns in a season 39 and most rushing yards with 2,628.

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