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Da Bears

             Hey, my topic isn't very controversial. Here it goes, if you like the Bears this won't be that good of a persuasive essay. My job is to (at the very least) put the Bears back on the list of teams that you don't really care about. My real goal is for you (the hopeful reader) to root for them when you see a Bear game time rolls around. If you think football players are knuckleheads this will be an up hill battle, for me at least. Knuckleheads (in my opinion) are big, fat, stupid guys.
             You say Chicago was good. I say they are still good. I said this before: Three years good, four years not so well. That's good. Look at the Ravens year after they won the Super Bowl. They didn't even make the playoffs. The Titans made the Super Bowl but the next year they also didn't make the playoffs. So I think Chicago is pretty good. You can't forget about the classics like Walter Payton, William Perry and Dick Butkis. Their nicknamed the greats and classics because they were great or they might have broken a record. The Ravens year when they won the Super Bowl they were great because their defense was great. .
             The way Chicago plays, it's just so cool to watch them. For all you know, you could be watching the next Super Bowl most valuable player or the next Barry Sanders. Maybe you"re seeing one of the worst players ever. (like that would happen). Still, who knows? For the Bears, their fate is uncertain. Next year the Bears won't do good, probably because this essay will jinx it. Even when the Bears are jinxed, the still will do good.
             On my poster, there's two stadiums. The one that says Soldier Field is Chicago's old football field. On the other is Chicago's new stadium. Soldier Field has seen some of the greats like Mike Ditka, William "Refrigerator" Perry, Walter Payton, and Boomer Esiason. I know three of these greats are still alive, though Walter Payton is deceased. Mike Ditka is a coach and he works for the New Orleans Saints.

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