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Marie Taglioni

             Marie Taglioni was one of the greatest ballerinas in the Romantic era who lived between 1804 and 1884. Although she was born in Stockholm, she lived in Paris with her mother while her father, Filippo Taglioni, a dancer and choreographer was on tour. She was the oldest of the ballerinas of that era and she was one of the reasons why the Romantic era became such a landmark. Although her surname, Taglioni, was very famous even before her time, her unique performance style accompanied with strength and delicacy brought about her own fame of the name Taglioni. .
             She studies in Coulon at the Paris Opera where her father thought she was unfit for her debut by him in Vienna. Before her first appearance in 1822, he coached her vigorously for almost six hours a day. Through her hard work and dedication to ballet, she bedazzled the audience as she posed as a poetic, graceful dancer. From 1827, she danced at the Opera where she performed in such works as La Sylphide, which was choreographed by her father and the Ballet of the Nuns in Robert le Diable. Through supernatural ballets, she excelled but she was also able to incorporate her own sense of style in such roles as Gitana. In 1832, she married Comte de Voisins and later divorced him. She had an illegitimate child but her lover died during the height of her career. Throughout the years, she was greatly idealized along with her rival Fanny Elssler. In London, she appeared in the great Pas de Quatre in 1845. .
             In 1832, her Father created LA SYLPHIDE for Marie. She was partnered by Joseph Mazilier. This ballet helped propel Fillipo's and Marie's careers throughout the world. The costume she wore was designed by Eugene Lamy and is still considered the model for a Ballet Blanc. The costume was a tight fitted bodice which left the neck and shoulders bare. The mid-calf length bell-shaped skirt was made of tulle, which gave it a cloud-like appearance.

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