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Martin Luther King, JR's Letter From Birmingham Jail.

             In the United States Birmingham, Alabama was the one of the most segregated and prejudice cities, and there had been numerous acts of destruction done to Negroes there. King decided that a non-violent direct contact campaign was necessary to help educate people and create an understanding among races because political leaders refused to negotiate with Negro leaders. It would have to be well planned and done responsibly; facts would have to be revealed to prove there was an injustice among blacks.
             King was incarcerated in Birmingham and was charged with parading without a permit for his participation the civil rights act. During that time he wrote a letter justifying the breaking of some laws. Martian Luther felt there were two types of laws, the just and the unjust. A just law is a man-made code that agrees with morality or God's law and uplifts human personality, an unjust law is out of harmony with moral law and degrades human personality. Segregation is morally wrong and sinful yet legal, just as what Hitler did in Germany was legal. Martian Luther King JR fought for racial equality and motivated thousands of other people to do the same. .
             I have great respect for Martian Luther King JR and am grateful for what he accomplished. He handled bad situations very well and made a huge impact on our country. I wish he could see how he motivated people and helped stop segregation.

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