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Marijuana In Medicine

             In the modern medical world today there are many prescription drugs that are available to the public for uses such as nausea, pain, appetite and sleeping aids. But, what if all this can be solved by one drug? Marijuana has these powers and is much more conservative and cheaper than prosthetic prescription drugs. If marijuana were presently used for medical purpose the government would be saving time and money. Cannabis Sativa, or Marijuana, has a common stereotype of being a non-reproductive drug that is good for making couch potatoes and dummies. This may be true for common marijuana users who have no ambition in life but, marijuana can be one of the best medical break throughs and the government just hasn’t realized it yet.
             Marijuana has been used as a medicine for thousands of years (Lewin 1931; Walton, 1938; Robinson, 1996). Chinese, Arab, Indian, and Hindu all have remnants of marijuana in their historic medical books. Some of these books have been traced to have publishing dates as early as 2800 B.C. Common uses for marijuana then were the treatments for constipation, gout, malaria, rheumatism, and menstrual problems. .
             In recent years studies have concluded marijuana for positive treatments for curing pain, nausea, sleeping disorders and appetite malfunctions. In Richard Brookheisers article published in the New York Times Upfront he stated:.
             In 1992, I was found to have testicular cancer. My chemotherapy put me.
             in the hospital for five days at a time, once a month, for four months. But midway through my treatment I could tell that Zofran, then a new hot drug prescribed to combat nausea, was losing its effect. For the remainder of my chemotherapy I turned to marijuana to keep my head out of the toilet.
             Although this is only one person’s account it is certainly a valid one. The prescription drug was not solving his pain from chemotherapy so he tried something more natural and it worked.

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