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Marketing Collateral

             Marketing collateral is a term used for printed materials used to present information about your business and its capabilities, products or services. It can include brochures, fliers, fact sheets, direct mail pieces, and other communications pieces that are produced directly by the company. All of your company's printed pieces should be in tune with your overall marketing message and company image.
             When planning the production of marketing collateral, special consideration should be given to the following elements: .
             Design and Layout .
             o Is the material visually attractive and appealing? .
             o Does it invite the reader to open it or read further? .
             o Do the design and layout components complement the message? .
             Formatting components of design and layout include: .
             o balance .
             o white (or empty) space .
             o font types .
             o colors .
             o paper stock .
             o paper size .
             o graphics .
             o illustrations .
             o photos .
             o charts You may use product photos or illustrations in marketing collateral. Graphs, charts or other graphics also help to visually communicate messages. .
             Message and Written Text .
             o Is the information accurate? .
             o Is the collateral piece easy to read? .
             o Are the sentences simple and clearly written? .
             o Is the text grammatically correct? .
             o Does it spark the reader's curiosity? .
             o What is the implied tone of the message? Is the tone appropriate for the audience and does it reflect well on your company? .
             o Does it communicate the benefits of doing business with your company? .
             o Does the message ask the reader to respond? .
             o Does it tell the reader how to contact you? .
             Management Issues .
             o What is the specific marketing goal for the collateral piece? .
             o Who is the intended audience? .
             o Does the production cost fit within your budget? .
             o What is the production schedule? .
             o Is the timing appropriate? .
             o Does it complement your other marketing materials? .
             o How and when will you distribute collateral pieces? .
             o If you're planning to mail collateral, does it comply with post office mailing requirements? .

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