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             "Crazy/Beautiful" is set in both an upscale California neighborhood and an urban, Latino ghetto. It follows the relationship of the troubled daughter of a wealthy congressional representative, and an A student with big dreams. Nicole's self-destructive behavior threatens the relationship and Carlos" promising future. .
             The main conflict in this movie is between Nicole and Carlos. As he gets involved with her, his "A" average slips to barely passing, and his dreams of attending the Naval Academy seem to have fallen by the way-side. Other conflicts occur between Nicole and her father, Carlos and his mother, Carlos and his friends, and Nicole and her stepmother. .
             The majority of the conflict in this movie is relational. Nicole feels that after her mother's suicide, her father stopped loving Nicole as well. Because of this, she is always looking to fill that void, so she latches on to anyone whom she feels will love her. .
             Most of the time, the characters use avoidance in any conflict situation. Nicole's father never attempts to have any type of dialog with her until the end of the film. Even when Carlos has made up his mind that he needs to stop seeing Nicole, he avoids telling her until she pushes him to do so. .
             The only character that does not avoid conflict is the stepmother, she is always yelling at Nicole and telling her how terrible of an influence Nicole is on her younger half-sister. .
             With the end of the movie, comes the resolution of all conflict. Nicole decides she needs to work things out with her dad, and herself, thanks to Carlos. She decides to go to the rehab center her father wanted her to, and Carlos stays by her side. They both realize how much they love the other and work things out. Carlos even achieved his dream of becoming a pilot.

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