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Conflict between the Colonies and British Empire

            Conflict between the Colonies and British Empire.
             During the time where North American colonies were thriving and the British Empire was overseeing the livelihood of the colonies, a sense of differing attitudes were brewing between the colonies and the English. The issue that was to come about was the fact that the relations between the colonies and Britain began to deteriorate. This would come about from the taxation without representation factor between the colonies and Britain. The attitudes of the colonies was that since they were a part of Britain they should be treated with the up most respect and gratitude as any other British subjects. On the other hand, the attitude of the British Empire was that since the status of the colonies was of part of the great empire the colonies should be more than obligated to follow through any aspects even taxation put upon the colonists. Specifically, the Stamp Act would be one form of taxation on the colonies that would poison relations between the two. The perceptions on either side would contrast one another and the misunderstanding of both side's views would cause a drift in the relationship between the two.
             The views of the colonies were that the regulations set forth by the British Empire was unjust and unfair. What boggled the attitudes of the North American colonies was that they are considered to be subjects of the British Empire yet they weren't "permitted to assert, or contend for, exclusive rights from those of our fellow-subjects on the other side of the Atlantic." (Page 71) Furthermore, it is a shame that their deeply rooted views on such an important issue aren't even being heard. For instance, on the issue of taxation "parliament would not permit any petitions to be heard from the colonies." On the issue of parliamentary taxation on the colonies, the colonists felt that they cannot be taxed without a representation on their part.

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