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The Unavoidable American Revolutionary War

            The North America Continent was not the main battlefield of the Seven Years' War, yet the aftermath of the war had significantly altered the situation in the British colonies on the continent. When the war was finally brought to an end, the French Colonial Empire had ceded Quebec, the former New France, to Britain; so the British Empire finally established its hegemony in North America. Nonetheless, tremendous public debt had forced Britain to increase the revenue by expanding the taxation in its colonies. This alteration inflamed public feelings in the Thirteen Colonies. Regardless of the close ties of people and culture with Britain, the colonists started the American Revolutionary War. They also invited the habitants, of which the major population in Quebec was composed, to stage a rebellion with them. An all-out independent war spreading over the entire North American Continent seemed predictable because the habitants, early French settlers in Canada, were from Britain's archenemy France; nevertheless, the Province of Quebec did not rise up against Britain. This contradiction implied that the American Revolutionary War, instead of being a random, passionate incident, was in truth an inevitable event that ensued from certain political and economic conditions that was bound to happen in the Thirteen Colonies but not the Province of Quebec.
             Notwithstanding, the Thirteen Colonies' plot provoking Quebec residents to revolt with them, the French-speaking residents had never meant to cooperate with the Anglophone rebels. Whilst the Colonies were on the brink of war, they attempted to instigate a mutiny within the Province of Quebec as well. They assumed that the French populace, suffering under the British rule, would doubtless join the struggle for freedom, but they had gravely misjudged the situation. Both the First and Second Continental Congresses addressed several "letters to the inhabitants of Canada" which urged the habitants to go against the British regime by organizing local assemblies and sending delegates to the Continental Congresses.

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