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            Liberty is a word that produces a strong feeling of hope and touches the inner soul of man. Throughout the course of time, individuals and nations oppressed by the tyrannical government have cried out of for liberty and have sought for the comfort of living a free life.
             Revolution and wars have often been its price. Freedom was paid with anguish, pain, time and lives. Few nations have ever obtained and maintained it. Why do people want this prize for which so much blood and so many tears have been shed?.
             It is important to state that liberty is not free: it must be earned or won, and in order to be maintained, liberty must be effectively re-earned and re-won in the heart of each generation.
             A revolution is a justified mean of change as motivates and inspires people to press for their rights that will benefit the country and future generations as a whole.
             Liberty is freedom from oppression. Two important revolutions break out with the aim of being freed from the oppression of the monarchy's rule: The French Revolution and the American Revolution. .
             One revolution lead the other as France followed in American's footsteps towards their own revolution. One of the major political causes of The French revolution was the despotic rule of the Bourbon Kings: "For nearly 200 years government in France had been largely a one-man institution. During the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries a kind of parliament known as the Estates General composed of representatives of the clergy, the nobility and the common people, had met at irregular intervals. But after 1614 it was no longer summoned. Henceforth the king was the sole repository of sovereign power. In a very real sense the king was the state. He could do almost anything his imperious will might dictated, without fear of impeachment or legislative restrictions of any kind. No questions of constitutionality or the natural rights of his subject need trouble him.

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