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A Look at the Statue of Liberty

            When people enter to New York they will see the gigantic Statue of Liberty. It was given to the United State from France to honor the friendship the two live through during the American Revolution. The represent of liberty is a woman, The Liberty represents freedom and opportunity for immigrants. It was built on September 1875. "Auguste Bartholdi was the French sculptor who designed the Statue of Liberty"(National Park). Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel was the following designer of the interior structural elements of the Statue of Liberty. He also created the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The French and U.S shared similar political views and situations in 1865, and France gave the U.S a symbol of their friendship. It stands to welcome immigrants to New York and lets the people who are returning home know that they have reached the United State of America. It is reported that before its construction, the government had difficulty in raising the funds used in constructing it. Fundraising were contacted to raise the funds. (Liberty) but now the National Park Service takes care of the Statue of Liberty.
             The Statue of Liberty enchants to so many visitors. One of the visitors says "it was easy to get to the ferry port and when on the island you could see Manhattan absolutely brilliant lady" (The Statue). This statue is famous worldwide and well known. It greets thousands of visitors as they enter New York Bay. It is right in the middle of a very wide and a very deep Hudson River. "The height of the statue of Liberty is 151 ft. from the base to the torch. The full height is 305ft. The weight of the Statue of Liberty is 450,000 lbs" (How Tall). The visitors will not be able to reach and touch it. However, visitors can go up to her crown. The statue was made with copper. The statue is green color and look like she is wearing a big blanket. My family visited there last summer. It is one of the enormous and beautiful work of art I have ever seen.

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