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Statue of Liberty

            The poem on the bottom of the statue of liberty means exactly what it says. It means that we, America, will take in everyone from all the other counties and accept them as ours. This was at a time in which the country was not full and was still looking for people to fill up the land. So, at the time the statue was given to us, October 28, 1886, this was very relevant. But now it is irrelevant. In the late 1800's our country was still being formed and we needed people to form it, which is why the statue says what it says. However, today we have already formed our government, cultures, and everything else that goes along with a country so therefore we have no need or room for other countries poor; we have enough trouble with our own.
             At the time the poem was written and given to American it was very true, but now it is not at all. We have enough problems trying to feed our own hungry, tired, and poor. The last thing we need is more mouths to feed. Jobs too, we do not have enough jobs out there for our own people, much less immigrants. We should take care of our own before others. But, I would have agreed with the poem when it was given to us in the late 1800's because we were still a developing country. We needed people to fill up the country and help settle it, but now everything has been settled and our government is running pretty well. A few immigrants would not be too bad, but we can not just open up the gates and let them all in or else we would have serious problems. All I am saying is that now the poem is wrong, but at the time it was written I would have agreed with it. .

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