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Men Vs Women

             Why is it that women are in the bathroom for hours getting ready and men are in and out in fifteen minutes? Is it that we care so much about our appearances, and men are so much less concerned? Are women these days so self conscious that some of us can't leave the house without going through our own long, ridiculous beauty process. Is it that women have lower self esteems than men? Do women just do it to make themselves feel good? What makes men and women see themselves so differently? Women see themselves as not good enough; men generally see themselves as average. Men don't ever ask how they look. Women always say to their friends how do I look, do I look fat, what about the shoes we are always concerned with their looks.
             It stems back to early childhood, what were taught and the toys we grow up playing with. From the very beginning we females are doomed. Girls grow up playing with the perfect figure Barbie, makeup, high heels and dress up clothes. Boys grow up playing with trucks, and ugly action figures that are half human. As we grow up we are taught to spend time on our appearance. We are taught to do our hair, put on makeup, paint our nails, and basically look pretty. Men are taught to be tough, not care. Get up; throw on some decent clothes, a hat and go. It's like females are taught to be self conscious. .
             Your parents are also a big influence on you growing. The things that they do and say will always have some kind of impact on your perception of yourself. Like in the story Complexion by Richard Rodriguez this little boy is so ashamed of his dark complexion he finds himself trying to shave it off. As he gets older he won't even look in the mirror. This is all because he grew up with his mother and always saying about the dark ones which they called the little ugly ones. His mother always told him to stay out of the sun and where a towel over your shoulders so he wouldn't get any darker.

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