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Media And Politics

            Today, in this lazy nation, most of the American citizens cast their vote based on what they see on the news, read in the papers, or hear on the radio. It is safe to say that the media primarily control people's opinion on political issues. Unfortunately, one of the worlds most developed nations does not have time to carefully research and choose their leaders, whether it be at the local, state or national level. While a vast availability of research materials are accessible, they decide to follow whom the media tells them they should pick. It is the media that controls the nation, the media that selects our everyday agenda, and it is the media that selects the president. The media also gives us large amounts of information in order to keep us up to date with current events in the changing world.
             The main job of the media is to inform. The media does need to make a profit, however, publishing untrue stories to increase ratings and profit is not an option. As one media analyst put it, "What is the point of having a teacher who is interested in making money but forgets the most important thing, which is to teach the children?".
             Radio and television create a large window for the voting public to view its politicians. TV, which is free of most restrictions, can play a major role in the coverage of a candidate. In the minds of the voters, televised campaigns increase the relevancy of the political identifications, making the decision process much quicker and easier. Television also allows the indolent people of the nation to directly participate without much physical movement. It also promotes a consistency between the image of the candidate and the opinions of the voters.
             The press, like many other institutions does reflect a point of view or "bias." This may at times confuse the public but no matter what is said, an impression has been made on society that may sway the vote. Politicians and their advisors attempt to shape their images and manipulate the media into presenting a positive view of them and their activities.

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