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            In Kafka's "Metamorphosis," every character had encountered transition but among all of them, Grete transformed drastically compared to other characters. She started off being loving and caring, taking tedious care of Gregory's new way of life. However, after time passes and his mother faints once again Grete becomes fed up with taking care of this bug. From being a loving sister, she turns to hate him and ultimately professes her hated of him and wishes he go away. Those words Gregory heard, were the last words he heard before he died in that bed alone a night.
             Gregory obviously has changed physically due to his metamorphosis into a bug. But he has also changed perhaps emotionally. Gregory was used to being the primary bread maker of the family, but when his transformation paralyzes most of his movements. He realizes this paralysis changes his family, mainly Grete, he realizes how she doesn't care for him anymore and overhears her wishing he was gone. He also recognizes the lack of concern from his parents and find outs his father has money. But his father never tells Gregory about it. .
             Mrs. Samsa does change slightly, but only to adapt to their new style of living. She does display some level of love for her son throughout the story. The only way she changed is in the beginning, she never worked or did anything around the house. However, later on during the story she gets a job and hires a maid to take care of the house. Unlike Mrs. Samsa, Mr. Samsa's mood stays at a constant pace. Mr. Samsa's attitude throughout this story is this old grumpy, angered man who despises Gregory from the beginning. When Mrs. Samsa faints and causes a ruckus in the house Mr. Samsa is infuriated. He throws apples at Gregory, wounding him severely. He shows no love for Gregory at all during the story. .
             In the beginning of the essay Grete displayed her kindness toward Gregor by doing minor gestures such as: opening the window for him each day, which was greatly appreciated by him.

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