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            Yekaterina Todika Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
             Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptized in Salzburg Cathedral on the day after his birth as Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus. The first and last given names come from his godfather Joannes Theophilus Pergmayr, although Mozart preferred the Latin form of this last name, Amadeus, more often Amade, or the Italiano Amadeo. Whatever the case may be, he rarely-if ever-used Theophilus in his signature. The name Chrysostomus originates from St. John Chrysostom, whose feast falls on the 27th of January. The name Wolfgang was given to him in honor of his maternal grandfather, Wolfgang Nikolaus Pertl. He was the seventh and last child born to musical author, composer and violinist, Leopold Mozart and his wife Anna Maria Pertl. Only Wolfgang and Maria Anna (whose nickname was "Nannerl") survived infancy. He was born in a house in the Hagenauersches Haus in Salzburg, Austria, on the 27th of January, 1756. The paternal ancestry of the family has been traced back with some degree of certainty to Fndris Motzhart, who lived in the Augsburg area in 1486; the name is first recorded, for a Heinrich Motxhart in Fischach, in 1331, and appears in other villages south-west of Augsburg, notably Heimberg, from 14th century. The surname was spelled in variety of forms, including Moxarth, Mozhrd and Mozer. His mother's family came mainly from the Salzburg region, but one branch may be traced to Krems-Stein and Wien. They mostly followed lower middle-class occupations; some were gardeners. 2 Though Mozart did not walk until he was three years old, he displayed musical gifts at extremely early age. At the age of four, he could reproduce on the piano a melody played to him; at five, he could play violin with perfect intonation. According to Norbert Elias, it took all of thirty minutes for Mozart to master his first musical composition. The work , a scherzo by Georg Christoph Wagenseiil, had been copied by his father into Nannerl's notebook.

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