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Diffrences Of North And South Colonies

            "Differences of the Southern Colonies".
             The Northern and Southern Colonies were settled around the same time by the same people and they had some similarities but many differences, They were settled by the English and therefore both were English Colonies. Hopefully, this will help you better understand the developmental and economical differences of the Southern and Northern Colonies. .
             The Southern Colonies were originally settled by joint-stock colonies that sought gold and other riches, but after finding none, they began farming tobacco after realizing the success John Rolfe had. He was a man who lived in Jamestown and pretty much saved the Southern Colonies through the cash crop, tobacco. He realized that growing tobacco could be extremely profitable for the Southern Colonies because everyone in England wanted the sweet-flavored tobacco that could be grown easily in the Americas. Since there was such great demand for the tobacco, they needed people to tend to the crops. .
             England sent over 30,000 convicts over to America to work the fields. There was such a need for workers, that traders began kidnapping men from England. However, most of the workers were indentured servants looking for a new start in the colonies. These people signed a contract with a wealth farmer stating that if the man worked on the farm for seven years, with no pay, that he would be given land of his own to farm. Indentured servants were mainly poor, uneducated, white males from England with no skill in farming. When the finally realized indentured servants weren't a very good idea, they would go to Africa to get blacks for slavery. Slavery eventually became the backbone of the Southern Colonies. Women in those days were the keys to education because the men worked all day and, since there were not many women in the South, none of the people were educated. This would affect the Southern Colonies even into the twentieth century.

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