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            Imagine all the interesting battles this film could have featured: "Britney vs." Nonetheless, New Line Studios has attempted to rejuvenate two of its horror "stars" in the form of a crimson plagued WWE wrestling match. "Freddy vs. Jason" pairs up two fading horror superstars and then pits them against each other in the hope that the combined fan bases of each will mean a box office smash. Hollywood defies all logic, regarding the storylines, relating to the history of these box office flops. Acting and Dialogue is thrown out the window as neither provides anything to further the animosity and climax leading toward the final battle between Freddy and Jason. Jason and Freddy provide little substance with the killings and the battle due to the fact every type of killing has been done between the twenty sequels produced already.
             Hollywood sequels have been made for decades and in ninety percent of the cases the sequel never delivers the hype of the first movie. Most of the time, however, the follow-up provides a continuing storyline which offers some logic to the sequel, but "Freddy vs. Jason" defies the norm once again. If you have been a devoted Freddy fan you would know Freddy kills in nightmares. If this is the case then all the razor-fingered freak has to do is wait until Jason goes to sleep and then proceed to murder him. One other major blunder is that for a film that claims that neither Jason nor Freddy have been around for a number of years, they've obviously forgotten Jason went to space in "Jason X." The prime example of "clever" script-writing is when Freddy discovers that Jason is afraid of water and then subsequently delivers an icy shower that shrinks Jason from his mammoth stature to a less threatening stature. Jason goes from being a demonic killer to a three year old scared of the water. This may be one reason director Ronny Yu has only directed one other movie, the tacky "Bride of Chucky.

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