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Movie Barbershop

             The movie Barbershop has caused controversy since its Sept 13 release, controversies that had every right to surface. Some things that were said in the movie weren't right but I think were misunderstood. For example Cedric The Entertainers character said, "Martin Luther King Jr. was a hoe because of rumors that he had an affair. He also made derogatory comments about Rosa Parks and Jesse Jackson. But in his defense he was stating that in a Barbershop all types of things get said. So he was just trying to create that barbershop atmosphere. Cedric the Entertainer never tried to cause controversy outside film. .
             After viewing the movie I understand why the controversy came up. From one aspect, people who went through the Civil Rights struggle in the 60's have every right to be upset because the struggle they went through is not a joking matter. If it wasn't for those people who endured harsh and inhumane situations we as .
             a people wouldn't be able to have movies like Barbershop, Soulfood, or Brown Sugar, movies that were written by blacks and starring black actors. Blacks roles in films have come along way since the days of blackface, were blacks had no choice but to degrade themselves only to get little recognition for the challenging characters that they portrayed.
             In closing I believe that Barbershop was a good movie besides all of the controversial issues. I took away valuable points from the movie. For example it is good to be financially responsible when owning your own business. Also the film showed a black woman standing by a black man through hard times. The strongest point that I took away from the movie was that two individuals were able to overcome stereotypes as well as personal issue to become friends, which I believe was one of the points that were being fought upon in the Civil Rights.

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