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Minorities take- none

            In the entertainment industry, most of us don't have a problem when it comes to finding music by minorities. Whether it's rap, or the sultry sounds of Shakira, even the rhythem of Gloria Estevan. But, if you take a deeper look, especially when it comes to movies, the people who perform in them are primarily caucasian. The executives that are in charge of budgets and content, are also primarily caucasian. Unconsciously, most of us fail to realize this when we are looking threw the newspaper to attend a premier of the latest greatest film released. I unwittingly don't prowl the paper to deciding whether I want to see a black film, or a white film, and if I did I'm sure the choices would be limited. Recently, I read an article in the Detroit News that changed my mind. I discovered the lack of range and equality there is and decided I needed to share my opinion in this matter. I believe that the entertainment industry has been malicious failing to generate a haven when it comes to performances of culture. America is the most diverse place on earth, every race color and creed, isn't that our motto? Movie makers and executives seem to be tedious to make changes, what minorities need is accesible, honorable movies and roles they can relate to.
             Studies show people of color make up for 28 percent of the American public but only 8% of the top films starred ethnic actors, for non-white actors the roles are more often limited and sterotypical. Roles are usually supporting, and Asians and Native American performers have recently had a decrease in availabilty. This holds true for all ages groups, Todd Boyd, critical studies professor at the university of Southern California, states "a black face, a Latino face, and American-Asian face are all tied into this country's problemaic history." This may be why its harder for blacks and other minority groups to obtain success. .
             Many actors feel the same way, Steve Harvey, a comedian-actor, said that he feels, "the film industry has yet to acknowledge how diverse and integrated America has become".

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