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The Barbershop

             The Barbershop is the best real life comical drama I have ever seen. This movie has it all together, from the main character conquest, to the old wise man, Eddie, and accepting people for who they are in life.
             This movie consists of a real life theme of African-Americans in a small community of Chicago. Throughout the movie they each experience the effects of decisions made by others in the community. Calvin, the owner of the shop, has a problem with paying dues to keep the shop open. Eddie, the wise man, helps teach the young guys in the community the real meanings of life and what it is really about. Jimmy is the college graduate barber who thinks he knows everything. He is jealous of a new employee, Isaac, a white barber, who has an African-American culture. Jimmy downs Isaac and ridicules him for trying to be black.
             This movie illustrates a great example of a main character triumph. Calvin, the owner of the shop, does not have enough money to pay taxes on the shop. He decides to sell the shop to a dreadful guy, Lester Wallace, who takes over peoples businesses and their lives. Calvin realizes this was a terrible mistake and tries to get his shop back, but this does not lay with Lester. When Calvin brings his money back, Lester refuses the offer and wants double the amount by seven o"clock that day. Near the ending Calvin has Lester in a bind. Lester has a stolen ATM in his shop when the cops arrive. Calvin uses this to his advantage, because the detective is his friend, to get his shop back. Knowing the meaning of true family values is a very good moral in the movie.
             Not ever movie is great, in my opinion, without the old wise man. Eddie, in this movie, is the old wise man and very smart too. Eddie is continuously telling of life's valuable lessons. Eddie also helps Calvin in his decision of how important his shop is and getting it back. Eddie is my favorite character of the cast in movie.

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