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             Tim Story's film on Chicago's South Side barbershop is a very interesting comedy .
             This movie has a very strong opinion on many events in the history of .
             black people and there rights. This movie was a huge success in the box office and is doing very .
             well on DVD and VHS mainly due to the cast and there wonderful performance. Starring Ice .
             Cube, a well known rapper in the Hip-Hop community, as Calvin a soon to be father and .
             struggling barbershop owner, Cedric The Entertainer who is a senior citizen who still cuts hair .
             and hands off his wisdom on the younger generation, and Sean Patrick Thomas a know it all .
             black college student with aspirations beyond belief. This movie also has excellent characters .
             with little or no experience, (Troy Garity) a "white boy" that gains no respect in "the hood" and a .
             Nigerian immigrant. Also many critics say that this is a very honest tale of how an urban .
             barbershop truly is, as far as, speaking openly in the establishment. Although many critics would .
             say Barbershop has a less then perfect plot line they seem to all agree that the cast and comical .
             structure well make up for it and none are disappointed with the amount of laughter that came .
             out of this movie.
             Several critics have not been so generous with reviews on the plot of this comedy. For .
             one example, Marshall Fine says that the plot is a "less-successful plot involving hip-hop .
             comedy." He goes on stating how the sub-plot is less then he expected and hoped for also. The .
             plot switches from teaching the younger barbers on life to a "hip hop Laurel and Hardy" trying to .
             steal money from a stolen empty ATM machine. Other than that the best scenes showing .
             comical genius is when Cedric The Entertainer playing Ed a senior barber discusses his belief on .
             O. J. Simpson, Rodney King, and Rosa Parks. With much belief and background checking he .
             backs up what he says with interesting and factual statements.

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