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Music Final

             This song was chosen as a listening song to give children a "taste" of Spanish music. Most children will probably be familiar with this song but may not know the meaning (translation) behind the song. This song is grade appropriate because the children would be purely listening to the song and then trying to sing any parts they pick up through listening to song several times. "La Cucaracha" would be a song used in the beginning of the lesson for the students to guess what the upcoming unit would be about. Then once the students guessed it was about a cockroach, the teacher would tell the students that the upcoming unit was about insects. To complete the day's lesson, the teacher would ask the students if they recognized any differences between the Spanish music and English music other than the language difference. Then the students would act out the song assigning one child to be the cockroach and acting out the two verses. .
             "The Ants go Marching," Goodnoe Elementary (Council Rock School District), Mrs. Schiffer.
             This song would be used as a way to integrate science and math into the music lesson. The teacher could begin the lesson by discussing with the students that most insects travel by either walking or flying. The teacher would then tell the students "Today we are going to pretend that we are all ants and act out a song." To begin today's lesson the teacher would sing the song to the students, and have the students follow along on song sheets as she sang the song and accompanied it with the piano, or autoharp. The teacher would then show the students the various actions they would use to represent the different verses in the song. The teacher would put the students into rows of ten. The students would then sing the song, and act out the actions standing in their lines. The teacher than told the students the rows were allowed to walk anywhere in the classroom, and once the person from the end completed their action they were to go sit down in their seats.

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