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Muslim and the Media Report

             An investigation has been conducted surrounding the issue of Islam and the media, acknowledging the effects laid upon the young generation with Islamic faith. This investigation analysis and synthesizes information from a variety of sources, both primary and secondary.
             PART ONE: MEDIA.
             THE ROLE OF THE MEDIA.
             Media is considered to be an influential aspect of society. This is demonstrated evidently through the use of intense power and control over most individuals" perspective in regards to concerning issues. Therefore, in a religious context, media plays a huge role on the way religion is portrayed in society.
             INFLUENCE OF MEDIA.
             People adapt to their lifestyles and express certain views by means of prime examples of apprehensive ideas and concepts, regarding present issues around the world.
             This has made religious tolerance a necessity and it is important that the media cover every religion accurately so that readers do not misunderstand a religion about which they attain knowledge mostly through the media.
             As a result the media determines the way specific issues are portrayed, consequently, this contrasts to the central issue; .
             That mass media broadcast only what they want to broadcast to gain viewers interest for commercial purposes, which converts towards negative outcomes, of short, contributing to long term effects, on specific people.
             The focus of this thesis is the analysis of the coverage of Islamic culture.
             THE ISSUE.
             If any event changed the relationship between Muslims and the media, it was the September 11th crisis, the worst terrorist attack on American soil. This implies to the indication that suggest why over 30years, Muslims and the media have gone from being a virtual non issue, to becoming the subject of books, articles, conferences and meetings.
             MEDIA AND RELIGION.
             The news about religion that the media chooses to cover spreads those ideas throughout society, "the choices teach people which religions and which religiously inspired ideas are important and unimportant, which ones are acceptable and unacceptable,".

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