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            Lupus, a disease in which the normal immunity of the patient is upset, the patient produces an excess of blood proteins which may cause problems in any organ in the body. The cause of the disease has not yet been identified, but they have treatments that patients may go threw. The disease is mostly found in woman, and young teenagers, the symptoms may strike aggressively as an acute or severe illness, but they aren't fatal.
             Since, lupus has not been completely understood, yet it is believed to result from an interplay of genetic, environmental, and hormonal factors. "Many researchers suspect that a special type of allergic reaction causes the disease."(Leslie Epstein 6) Lupus is more common in certain ethnic groups, as well as in women. "The body sometimes attacks healthy tissue instead of dangerous organisms like viruses or bacteria."(Graham R.V. Hughes 1) Still, the basic question which remains unanswered is what event sets off the mechanism which causes antibodies to be produced against one's own tissues. Solving this question may be the one step needed to cure Lupus Erythematosus.
             A patient with Lupus may have periods of severe illness with extreme symptoms, intermingled with periods of no illness and complete freedom from symptoms." Lupus can be mild in many patients, causing only minor problems."(Allice Hindman 2) Most patients live a long time. "The illness comes and goes so unpredictably that no two cases are alike."(Francico P. Quismorio 1) That's why many people don't understand the actual disease. " Lupus is not cancer or AIDS. "One person cannot catch it from another person."(Allice Hindman 2) Any part of the body can be involved, so therefore the symptoms may include: Joint and muscle pain, fever, skin rashes, chest pains, swelling of hands or feet, and might include hair loss."(Daniel J. Wallace 5-7) Treatment should be started before unnecessary damage occurs.
             "Treatments for lupus has several effective methods, unfortunately, all the medications have some potential dangers.

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