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My Man Godfrey

             Everyone was being affected by this tragedy, so a way to help ease the pain came from films. During this time, there was a boom in film production. Some of the films were considered escapism, a way to hide from the troubles occurring. People were able to watch a film and wish that they could be that person or live that life. Most of the films made, did have a reference to the Depression and how it has affected people. My Man Godfrey shows a representation of that era. Whether it is directly stated or in hidden references, this movie portrays it in a social commentary mix with escapism. This film was made in 1936. It was directed by Gregory La Cava, produced by Charles R. Rogers, and written by Eric Hatch. This film had incredible ratings and is still loved by many today. There is proof of this by having My Man Godfrey nominated for seven Academy Awards.
             My Man Godfrey is a story about a lost man. Godfrey became a lost man, or bum, due to a bad experience in his last relationship. The bitterness that Godfrey had towards his past relationship forced him into depression. He made his way to the city dump to commit suicide, but he befriends other lost men and their optimistic thoughts. After being an object in a high society scavenger hunt, Godfrey Smith lands himself a job as a butler for the Bullocks. What the Bullocks do not know is that Godfrey is from a wealthy family himself and he is smarter then he seems. From his stay, Godfrey, teaches the Bullocks the reality of life, regenerates their scattered and confused lives, and also overturns the dignity of rich and poor.
             I thought that this movie was witty and entertaining. This comedy makes fun of the self-indulgent high-class society. It is a good example of social commentary and escapism during the 30s. My Man Godfrey takes the viewer away from what is going on around, and fills them with all kinds of hopes and possibilities.

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