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National Football League

            The History of National Football League.
             Baseball has been the most dominate sport for most of the twentieth century. For.
             the last twenty years, however football has become Americans pastime. College Football.
             has contributed to the popularity, but the main reason is the National Football League.
             To understand the National Football League you have to understand the rules of.
             the game and where they came from. The rules of football was created by Walter Camp.
             who played football for the University of Yale in 1876-1882. He led colleges to adapt to.
             his new rules, the scoring system, field goals, safety, and points. Other person who change.
             some of rules was Teddy Roosevelt in 1905. He said ( The game of football was entirely.
             too violent and there should be new rules to make the game safer.) This led to forward.
             pass and better helmets. These rules changes led to the beginning of the National Football.
             The National Football League began in 1920 as the American Professional Football .
             Association. After two years they renamed it to the National Football League. It took five.
             years for the game to really take off, until they got their first superstar, Red Grange, a.
             running back from the University of Illinois. His exciting performance fill stadiums where.
             ever his Chicago Bears play and brought great public interest to the game. He was the .
             first player to be inducted into the National Football League Hall of Fame. Thirteen years.
             later the NFL decided to split into two divisions. The Eastern and Western Division held .
             their first championship game where the Chicago Bears defeated the New York Giants.
             In 1944 arrival league was started to compete with the NFL. They were named them .
             the All American Football Conference which competed with the NFL for players , fans, .
             and coaches. In 1950, After sixth years of competing they merged together. Throughout .
             forties and fifties television would continue to help the growth with new merging stars like .

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