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             Football is one of the most prominent sports among todays generation. Football has an extensive history as well as present. Among the many great players in the National Football League today there are some whom I am proud to say are from Rio Grande Valley. .
             The game of football was derived from a game sport called rugby, which also involved a ball similsr to that of a football.Fiirst, football games were played on small fields,. It was not a very popular sport at the time. Protection equipment was very poor espically the headgear which caused many head injuries. As time progressed better equipment, rules, and bigger fieldsmade it a more trendy sport. Soon cities were building there own teams and football was becoming a favorable sport. Cities started giving their teams names to distinguish different franchises. Before long, the A.F.L was born also known as the Ameriacan Football League. The A.F.L. was the first league to introduce the first championship game. Teams would play each other for a certain amount of time set in a season. In the end the two remaining teams would compete in one single game to determine the leagues champion, which we known now as the superbowl. Other teams emerged outside the league formed by the N.F.L. also known as the National Football League. Before long the two top teams in the N.F.L. would compete to determine the that leagues champion. Afterwards the N.F.L and the A.F.L's top team would compete against one other to determine which league was better. Both leagues emerged and now are known as the A.F.C ( then known as the A.F.L.) and the N.F.C. ( then known as the N.F.L.) and each play in the what is now N.F.L. .
             Today's football team is very well advanced and high tech. Teams compete in signing the best players from colleges known as the "Draft". Players are paid millions to an extented contract, which are usually two or more years. Stadiums are now bigger and some are enclosed domes to protect players and spectators during the weather.

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