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             Football is a sport that is loved by Americans. It is a exciting sport to view and to enjoy anytime of the day. The sport of Football is rough and contains a lot of hard hitting and endurance. The sport itself is viewed by more people than any other sport in America. Even though the game of Baseball was and is still highly loved by Americans, Football is now dominating the polls, "Baseball is what we were, Football is what we have become."#.
             Walter Camp is known as the father of Football. He made the Football field 120 yards long by 75 yards wide, with the goal posts 24 feet apart. All of the goals made by the athletes counted as one point. The Football was not even a normal size in fact it was 6 inches longer than today's football. The game of Football was like rugby. There was no forward lateral, punts and kickoffs were live balls, and you could hold hands.
               In 1869, Rutgers and Princeton faced off in the first Football game, and Rutgers won 6 to 4. That game led more teams to having a Football program. Some of the first teams were Princeton, Rutgers, Yale, Harvard, and New Jersey. None of these teams are one of the top 25 teams today. Football has greatly changed from when it started. Instead of leather helmets the players now have hard helmets and metal face masks. It has changed from a game of great running backs to great quarterbacks, from four-yard runs to forty-yard passes. The defensive backs and linemen have spread out on the field because of the threat of the passing game. Back then there were not a lot of teams but now in today's life there are many great Football teams.
             Football is a hard sport. It involves conditioning, hot heat outside, hard hitting, cuts, and bruises and most likely a broken bone or two. Sounds like a lot of fun. The majority of people begin playing Football at the age of eight. At that age the basics of the sport is taught. Athletes are taught how to hit correctly so that it doesn't cause to serious of an injury.

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