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My Rewarding Football Experien

             One way that I have shaped my mental, physical and spiritual abilities is by playing football. Football has taught me many things that have played significant roles in my life. By playing football I have formed a strong structure based on hard work and discipline that has helped me to achieve my goals and stay determined to succeed in everything I do.
             I started playing football in seventh grade because I wanted the physical challenge that is brought about by the game. But when I started playing football, football started playing a significant role in creating who I am today. By high school, I began to notice some of the emotional and mental aspects of the game being introduced into my life. .
             Football is a tough game that is full of blood and tears. All of the players develop an unbreakable bond that is composed of teamwork and dedication to one another. Before football, I never knew that two guys could become so emotionally attached. This became apparent to me in my freshman year when our team went two and eight and none of the players ever lost faith in each other. During that year the emotions were .
             mostly brought about by the devastating losses, but no one ever gave up on football. .
             Discipline was taught to me by my coaches and the older players that I admired. They taught me simple things like opening doors for other people and to make sure that I strived hard in everything that I do. This discipline was used on and off the field to make me into a better player and a better person. By making me work hard in school and in football, this conscience helped me to become a leader. .
             When I became captain of the Trinity Valley football team this year, I knew that an incredibly difficult task lay before me. With only twenty-six players on the entire team and the whole school doubting the future of the football program, I knew I would have to work extra hard to make it a successful season.

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