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The Band Goes Marching On

             I open my car door and the sound of the West High School Marching Band fills my ears. The powerful music causes a smile to cross my face and this affirming group's music once again starts my day. The student body should appreciate the positive effect the marching band has on our school. The marching band shows a wonderful example of hard work, instills school pride in the students and gives students an opportunity to be a part of a quality organization.
             It takes a large amount of time and effort to be a successful member of the marching band. A high level of proficiency and skill on the individual instruments is required. Every morning, each member must wake up early to come to school and begin practice by 7:00 a.m. The musicians practice their formations and music until it is ready to present to an audience. They accomplish this through any weather condition, as well. The marching season spans from early August to late November, therefore presenting both sides of the temperature spectrum. Through the heat waves of summer and the bitter cold of late fall, I enjoying hearing the sweet sounds of the band echoing through the campus. During a performance, the members of the band also have to overcome "stage fright". They must learn to perform in front of hundreds of shouting fans at football games and for a quiet audience at formal concerts. Adding to the work the band members must complete, all the music must be memorized and often played while moving in a choreographed sequence. Although being a musician is hard work, it obviously pays off and yields many beautiful performances. .
             Without the band, our football games would be bland and lifeless. The music of marching band brings students to their feet and hundreds of enthusiastic hands together. The impressive formations and powerful music brings the crowd to a roar as they express their school spirit. Students, West High Alumni, parents and teachers arrive and show their respect when the first half comes to a close and the band takes the field.

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