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Requirements Of A Drum Major

             To me being a Drum Major means many things. Leadership , confidence, ability , and dedication are some of the main factors of the position. I will define my views of Drum Major in the following essay.
             Leadership means that the Drum Major can control the members of the band naturally without force or struggle. Also that the Drum Major is the leader by setting the example for others to follow 200% of the time. A true leader can handle any problems without anger or yelling. Most problems can be prevented by a leader setting the example.
             Confidence means that the Drum Major is sure of himself. If the band senses that the Drum Major is wary of their position, they will take advantage of that. A confident Drum Major is able to direct and conduct the band without second guessing themselves by not being confident.
             A Drum Major should also be able to do what everyone else in the band is able to go, for example marching and playing an instrument at a high level. If the Drum Major cannot march or play their instrument as well as others in the band, then they shouldn't be directing and leading them. I feel that a Drum Major should have the ability to help any member of the band with any problems.
             Dedication is a major part of the position. The Drum Major should be the first to arrive and the last to leave any performance or practice. Also, the Drum Major should make sure the area the band occupied is clean and all band facilities have been left in better order then they were when the band arrived. .
             I think I would be a fitting Drum Major because I have natural leadership skills. Also I have been dedicated to band and music since before middle school and plan on carrying it on into my adult life. Lastly , I am confident of myself and have the musical and marching ability to help teach the band. Those were my views on Drum Major.

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