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The Importance of Safety in Football

            The National Football League is one of the most recognizable leagues in the United States of America. This is because of the fact that we as Americans love football. Whether it be Pee-Wee, high school, college, or professional football. No matter how much we love it, there are several dangerous risks that we take when we play it and there should be more protection used when it's played. Both professionally and recreationally. I know these because I have a very extensive background knowledge in the subject. I learned the rules and how to play football at a very young age and have been watching both college and professional football since a very young age. Also, I played football all four years that I was in high school.
             One might think to themselves, "What does this guy know about football? He seems like only a fan." And this is a valid argument for one to make. But as a fan and a player I have seen firsthand accounts on the injuries that can occur while we play football. During my senior season at Shea High School I myself was injured. It was at a junior varsity game on a cool September afternoon. The injury happened right on opening kickoff. As I was running down the field and making the tackle another teammate of mine came in and led with his helmet and pinned my arm between his helmet and the ball carriers shoulder pads. Due to the adrenaline that was coursing through my system I was unaware of how painful it was until halftime when I stopped moving. After the game I went to urgent care and had my arm checked out. The doctor reported to me that I had suffered an elbow contusion and would be out 1-2 weeks. An elbow contusion is not as serious as some of the other injuries sustained in football but it still shows the dangers and how no matter how protected you think that you are you can still get injured.
             The injury I suffered was from playing organized team football with full equipment.

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