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            Leaders are the rare breed that would rather fail than be led by another. Leaders govern the world and are found the head of every institution. Whether it be a large organization or a small business, leaders can be found in the heart of every person whom he/she influences. Without leaders, our existence on earth would be unrecognized and in God's eyes, disappointing. For God created leaders to inspire the average and carry the weak. .
             There is nothing like the sheer beauty of Ohio in the fall. It is truly an exhilarating experience. With the leaves changing into colors of red and yellow and the air becoming more crisp, the signs of football season are among us. The importance of high school football in Ohio maybe just as important as the fall season itself. Only those native of Ohio understand the pride and pageantry that follows every season. The rich tradition is unparalled and each team carries with it a certain legacy.
             It was our rivalry game: Hoban vs St Vincent/St Mary. This school rivalry goes back to the late 1950's. This contest is one of the most anticipated rivalries every year. That night 8,ooo plus fans drew into Cuyagoga Falls Memorial Stadium. It was filled to the brim with parents, alumni and students who were desperately hoping for victory. .
             At halftime the game was tied at seven. As I watched the final seconds tick off the clock from my free safety postion, I felt a deep rush of disappointment. We had not played very well and we failed to execute on both sides of the ball. Our failure to execute could have been attributed to the lack of focus and concentration, and as a result our coaches were not too pleased with our performance. Being a team captain, I had been familiar with this situation before. I walked into the locker room with a sense of determination, sat down in front of my locker and began to collect my thoughts and composure. Everyone was very quiet and frustrated.

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