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            This is a complex situation dealing with tenants and their parking spaces. Reason being every body would like to have the better parking space; not just for the parking space itself, but for the recognition that comes with the parking space next to the elevator. The obvious way to solve this problem is through a tenants" meeting, but each tenant will present a solution bias on their on behalf. Knowing that I will listen to each one of the tenants and through their concern I will develop a parking policy that is fair to the veteran tenants, also the newer tenants. .
             Harriet make a strong point when she said, "Had I know that simply because I"m a new tenant I would have to walk all the way across the garage every night after work, I might not have agreed to move in here." I understand Harriet concern, but the time she sign the lease this situation have not been brought to my attention. Harriet consider this for a second, if you is a new employer on the job and you will like to have the Holiday off and every body who's been their for 10 or more years are trying to get the same holiday off, also it's a limited amount of people who is allowed to take off. Would it be fair knowing you just start working their a week ago to let you take off before the employees that has" been their for ten or more years? .
             Maria idea of "selling parking spaces to the higher bidder so that parking spaces will not be past down to family members," is a good idea to the person who have the most money and not to the majority of the tenants in the building. It will not be fair to give the best parking space to the person who has the most money.
             The idea of seniority being the determining point of who get what parking space is a good idea. Especially for the tenants who has been here for a number of years and not such a good idea for the newer tenants. Also like Herbert says, "This policy rewards patience and loyalty.

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