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            Necrophilia is the practice of having sex with corpses. Necrophilia, a Greek word that means "love of the dead". It is a very common act among serial killers. Various well-known serial killers have been diagnosed with necrophilia, such as: Earl Leonard Nelson a/k/a "Gorilla Man", which is known as the first American serial sex killer of the twentieth century. Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein and many more among the ones mentioned. Although necrophilia seems to be rare and uncommon in our society, it is a very common disorder within a serial killers profile.
             Necrophilia may sound like a rare illness due to the fact that it isn't being reported the way it should be. When necrophilies take action, the most common place they break into is funeral homes. A reason for not reporting these acts would certainly be that funeral homes do not want the publicity. When funeral homes report that there has been a break in and that bodies have been disturbed, no one will want to bring their deceased friends and family members, fearing that their loved one will be taken advantage of. The press/media is an effective way of informing and educating the public about what goes on in our society. Necrophilia is hidden from society because it is not normal behavior. Necrophilia is immoral and unethical. Therefore, society tends to turn away and pretend as if nothing is wrong.
             Research indicates that 90% of necrophiliacs are primarily heterosexual males. 60% of necrophilies were diagnosed with personality disorders and 10% of those diagnosed with personality disorders are also psychotic. Funeral homes are not the only places where necrophilies are attracted. They are very popular within hospitals, mortuaries, funeral parlors, and cemeteries. Necrophilies are attracted to the odor of blood and the feel for dead skin. Some necrophilies have used parts of the bodies of their victims to furnish their homes and even for the use of silverware (skulls were cut in half and used as bowls for soup, that in reality was the fluid that bodies released when boiled.

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