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New England Colonies

            The people who settled in the New England Colonies were the Separatist Puritans called Pilgrims. They came over in 1620 and landed at Plymouth. Their ship was called The Mayflower. They settled in what is now Massachusetts.The Puritans came in the seventeenth century and wanted to gain religous freedom for themselves. They settled in New England because they wanted to gain religous freedom, but the religous freedom they sought for was not given to others. New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut were founded later by other colonists.
             Industries in the New England Colonies:.
             People in New England grew most of their own food. But their soil was too thin and rocky for them to grow cash crops. They made some of their clothing and produced many of their own supplies. But New Englanders had to buy cloth and tools and almost all of their luxury items from England. New England shiped lumber and furs in return. Later New England found another way to earn money. They started to catch fish. Fish and lumber were basically their main industries. They also sold slaves in the South. New England traders also made money by selling iron, pots, kettles, and tools in other colonies.
             About the New England People:.
             Many people in New England belived in devils, witches, and evil forces. They belived that these things were everywhere. Devils and witches caused thunderstorms, strangling infants in their cradles, making people sick, sinking ships, and ruining crops. People believed that devils won people over and made them witches.
             Since the New England soil was too thin and rocky, they thought it was a sign from god for them to work harder. Their parents were stirct and they wanted their children to study the Bible. When they were born their parents belived that they were born as devils and it was their job to train them and make them pure. The church of Plymouth Rock was the main place for the Puritans' meetings. The Puritans were called Puritans because they wanted to purify the Church of England.

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