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A Tale Of Two Cities

             Charles Dickens" A Tale of Two Cities has a dual background, the French Revolution and England. Dickens used this background of revolution to add suspense and strength to the characters" sprit. The characters who are "recalled to life", a resurrection reference, are strong willed and courageous. These three men who are "recalled to life" are: Doctor Manette, Charles Darnay, and Sydney Carton, (7-10,374-380).
             Doctor Manette is the first one who is "recalled to life." He is very upset after being in prison for eighteen years. In those eighteen years of prison, it has made him unable to recall where things are or how to do things, (7-10). He is then insane from being locked up for so long and requires the care that his daughter Lucie and Lorry, an agent for Tellson's Bank, (24-31). Lucie and Mr. Lorry take care of Doctor Manette and "recall him to life." In the long run, Doctor Manette gets his life back or gets to start over, (42-53).
             The second person who is "recalled to life", is Charles Darnay. He is on trial for treason in England and may be put to death, (63-69).
             Sydney Carton, Darnay's double saves Darnay from imprisonment and death, telling the people that Carton and Darnay look alike so how would they really know who did it. Through that Darnay is given another change to life, and is then "recalled to life,"(79-83). .
             The last and important instance of someone being "recalled to life" is Sydney Carton. He has recently switched places with Darnay and now is awaiting his turn at the guillotine, (353-371). While awaiting his death, he realizes what he is doing is the best thing that he has ever done and would not change anything. He is going to give his life for the one that he loves and cares about. Sydney is satisfied with himself and is no longer a drunken fool, but a hero that now can love himself. By dying and saving Darnay for Lucie, Carton is "recalled to life," (378-379). .
             Throughout the book "recalled to life" was the most important concept to understand.

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