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Is G3 All It Is Hyped To Be?

            "Is G3 all it's hyped up to be? An economic viewpoint on third-generation wireless.
             When cellular phones first started gaining popularity most people would never have thought of how quickly they would become part of everyday life. You can now keep in touch with just about anybody in the world in a variety of ways all in the palm of your hand. Cellular phones have changed so much over the years, from the gawky bag phones to the palm-sized PDA/cellular phone, that you can now do the work of several organizational tools all in one cellular phone. With all this technology available to consumers, it would be nice to have the perfect network to accommodate the need for such high bandwidth. This perfect network may not be too far into the future, with the advent of 3G technology. 3G is short for third-generation, since it is the 3rd type of wireless data transfer introduced. 3G is already starting to take off in countries around the world. The problem in the U.S. is that some of the frequency ranges that are used in the 3G spectrum are already being used. To make things clearer I will start off talking about what 3G really is.
             Third-generation wireless is a new architecture for telecommunications services that will allow customers across the globe to be able to communicate with each other at speeds close to real-time. It uses a packet-switched network, unlike the circuit-switch networks found in most telephone companies now. Instead of TDMA or CDMA, it uses W-CDMA which provides the best in efficiency whatever the conditions. .
             As far as the consumers go, they would enjoy such things as standardized, common billing, which in turn could lead to standard user profiles that people across the globe could view. Interoperability would work like a dream. However, 3G requires some bandwidth that we have already reserved for other things, which will be displayed in a later graph. The United States needs to follow in the footsteps of the other countries that have created adequate 3G spectrum in their area.

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