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             Night has to be the most heartbreaking book I or anyone else have ever and could ever read. This book tells a real life story of a young boy that had to experience the traitorous events within the Holocaust. Facing challenges that God set forth, such as, survival, faith, losing one's identity and dignity. All of this happening because of Hitler, who made the Germans believe that the Jews were at fault for everything that was going wrong within their country.
             The presence of hope in this book is little to none, but there are some points that need to be taken to heart. The Jews in Budapest were living in fear and terror, but in Sighet they were optimistic. Optimism soon turned to pessimism as the germans drove into their streets. They saw the changes going on within their community and viewed the ghettos being built, but still they tried to return to their normal lives. They did not welcome the change, but could do nothing about it. Germans would overpower them and seize their community. After all, Elizier only began to truly hate them after a Hungarian police officer yelled to him, "Faster! Faster! Get on with you, lazy swine!" How could you only begin to hate someone for words and not their actions? Elizier should have hated them from the moment they took over Sighet.
             Jews faced many problems within the Holocaust. Their identity was taken away from them and given numbers, like A-7713. Yet they could do nothing. Losing your identity and being put in a place of demeanor like that is self-detrimental. Climbing into a wagon of 80 only built for a few, and being told if anyone was to show up missing that all of the people would be killed like "dogs". Comparing a human being to an animal is outlandish. While riding from camp to camp seeing the crematory's flames bursting from the tip top of the buildings in the night skies, to moving multiple tons of stone during the day, they could only hope that they were not the next to be put in the flames.

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