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Colombia Travel Report

            We traveled to Colombia to experience all that Colombia had to offer. Colombia is a beautiful but dangerous country filled with breath taking landscapes, diverse cultures, and a unique history. The country has a rich history stemming from the native people of Colombia and the Spanish. Colombia was settled by Spain with the formation of aristocratic estates. A history of violence has been present in Colombia since its independence in 1821 from Spain. There was a civil war in 1921, another from 1899 to 1903 and yet another in 1948-57. Most of these wars involved two rival political parties, the Liberals and Conservatives. Presently there are numerous small guerrilla and drug gang wars. The prevalent drug industry is suggested to amount to a large part of the country's national income. The operators of this industry are believed to bribe government officials. Colombia is being aided by the United States and other countries in their promotion of peace, war against the narcotics industry, revival of the economy, improvement for the respect of human rights, and strengthening the democratic and social institutions of the country.
             Colombia is a democratic country; yet even with democratic elections held violence still is widespread The Presidency is alternated because of the negotiated compromise between the Liberal and Conservative parties. There are also left wing guerillas and a powerful criminal element in the shape of the Cocaine dealers who have used the profits of their illegal trade to buy land and legitimate businesses, and also becoming a political power. The United States also holds and influence on the country by trying to limit or eliminate the drug trade, by trying dealers in the United States. The Constituent Assembly drew up a new constitution trying to fix some of the problems and violence that Colombia has.
             Colombia has an important agricultural economy, including coffee, but it is suggested that Colombia's largest industry is the illegal processing and distribution of Cocaine and Marijuana, mostly to the United States and Europe.

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