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Health Sciences Research

             I am completing work on the study of health care research and the growing problem on funding the cost of the health care. Support was dominantly supported by corporations and private foundations. The federal government has increasingly gotten more involved in controlling the cost of health care. .
             Comparing with most businesses, health care is complex. Not only do they provide a large number of specific services, but their individual services often have different price structures. One may choose to pay on the basis of the cost while another may pay full charges. This variation in payment may create problems in establishment of the price for a product and services.
             In the areas of controlling the cost of benefit to the employees, and with the companies desire to save cash resources to further the financially satiability of the company information does not happen by itself; it must be generated by an individual or a formally designed system. Financial information is no exception. The accounting system generates most financial information to provide quantitative data, primarily financial nature, that are useful in making decisions about economic entities.
             My investigation concerning feasible methods of identifying and controlling the cost of health care. Cost information is of value only as it aids in the management decision making process. The planning process should detail the products or product lines that the company will use during the planning horizon.
             PROGRESS ON WORK.
             TYPES OF INSURANCE.
             Free-standing long term insurance, broadly define, is a policy that provides for payment for care in an institution, the community, or an individual's residence when such care goes beyond Medicare and when the policyholder is not locked into a particular provider system.
             It is not easy to find faults with the freestanding products. Most tend to perpetuate the institutional bias that prevails in the public programs, they restrictive risk-management techniques, and they are not cheap.

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